The brutish men gather all of the children in the small town and force them into the center of the town, where the flames seem to originate. The children cower in fear as they realize something is in the fire, something vile and misshapen.

An enormous mouth, full of irregular jagged teeth, emerges from the flames. Its dripping maw opens to speak.

"He is not here," it says. "Find him."

The men signal the children to move on, and they file away from the horror in the flames to live another day. A short distance away another child, one who had evaded the mens' search, hides behind a corner with his protector. This is Cot and the man is SirWyce. Today, Cot's adventure begins.

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The Field Guide To Magical Animals by Joe Wierenga

Ladies and gentlemen, we just might be looking at our first magical animal! Finally, the title of this series, The Field Guide To Magical Animals, makes sense.

My philosophy for writing stories is very similar to my one for drawing backgrounds. Equally important are the details you choose to leave out. So you know what? I'm not going to tell you what type of magical animal this is. You'll just have to wait and find out. Oh, but uh, please disregard the title of this graphic novel, The Secret Dragon. Isn't it annoying when titles give things away?

This whole prologue is on tumblr.

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