Tell me more avout my father.

He was the greatest man I've ever known.
I would have followed him into the jaws of death itself.
But he made me swear an oath to keep you safe.
Come cot, we must get going.
That beast can huff and puff until its blue in the scales.
As long as I draw breath I will keep you--

But the sentence was not finished. At that moment Sir Wyce, in his aggitation, made one of the crucial errors one can make in the Ghost Forest. He failed to noticee a line on the ground. This line, or circle rather, was obscured by some tall grass. Sir Wyce stepped easilly, unknowingly over it, and in the space of a breath he vanished. No trace of him remained.

Cot's eyes widened.

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The Field Guide To Magical Animals by Joe Wierenga


Well that was sudden. Is this not a story about a knight and a boy, adventuring together? Like Obi Wan and Luke? Gandalf and Bilbo? Etc. etc.?

Frank Herbert's Dune series is designed to be a subversion of the monomyth. The point of his book, as I read it at least, is that a hero's legend can become a dangerous and terrible thing. I also wanted to tell a different kind of story.

Have I driven home the point that I am hugely boring yet? Very awkward at parties. Nothing kills a party like a conversation about how Dune relates to the monomyth.

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