We're not afraid of magic, we see magic all the time.
Wizards perform at the fair every year.
Even dad has a magic pen that does his math for him.

Oh really.


You've seen some whimsy juggle fireballs so you think you know it all?
Out in the forest it's a dark and evil force!
Not cast by men, but wild! Raw!
The product of sinister creatures, all foul and twisted.
Trolls and fairies and goblins, and other beasts so wretched they don't even have names!
Blessedly your father and the other men don't let unhuman sorts enter our town.
But out in the forest them monsters run wild!

[Perturbed by the story, COT accidentally knocks a vase off of a shelf]

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The Field Guide To Magical Animals by Joe Wierenga

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