The Ghost Forest

If you follow the road from Foxquarry to the foot of the Gaullaine Mountains, you’ll come through a famous woods for human and beast alike. “The Ghost Forest.” is a nickname for this area, given to it by the largely superstitious locals.

The forest has a high population of kamahi trees, which begin life growing on the trunks of other trees. As the kamahi grow their branches wind through and entangle with the branches of existing trees, creating the distinctive gnarled and twisting look characteristic to the Ghost Forest.

Despite its name, the Ghost Forest is not believed to have any higher incident of hauntings than any other forest.

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The Field Guide To Magical Animals by Joe Wierenga

Today we all get to learn something about kamahi trees. This setting is based on a real forest, or at least, on photos of a real forest. I've never really been there. It's in New Zealand, predictably, since they're hoggging most of the beautiful places.

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