The Field Guide To Magical Animals is a fantasy mystery series set in a magical world called The Verdant Kingdom. Each adventure features amazing magical creatures, and the problems their magical abilities can cause. Our hero, Lee, is an aspiring zoologist who wants to know everything there is to know about these incredible creatures. With her wits, cunning, and encyclopedic knowledge of animal facts, she is always saving the day.

Lee's partner is an ill-tempered ghost who used to be the greatest adventurer alive. Maddy wishes she could relive her glory days, bashing heads, swinging from vines, and stealing piles and piles of treasure. Now her restless spirit is bound to an ancient book, which chronicles the adventures she had while still alive. Maddy is always pushing Lee to be more of an action hero, and solve her problems with her fists. She is so bored every time Lee prefers to solve puzzles and outthink her challenges, rather than relying on a sword to fix everything.

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The Field Guide To Magical Animals by Joe Wierenga

Hey everyone, we made it through the first chapter together! I'm so happy you're reading The Field Guide To Magical Animals. Now I have something extra and new for you!

We've been working on another episode in the ongoing adventures of Lee and her invisible friend Maddy, and we're telling this one with a slightly different kind of comic. This was created by myself and two very good (and very smart) friends of mine, Kojo Kumah and Jason Y. Min. You read it in a slightly different way. We're trying to take advantage of the things html5 can bring to the comic format, and believe me, it can bring some incredibly amazing features. We're just scratching the surface today, we have some awesone things planned for the future, just as soon as we can get the technology working!

Click here to read... The Haunted Tree Grove!

html5 motioncomic

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